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During the rolling process, the material is rolled forward and backward between three rollers. By adjusting the distance between the centre roller and the two side rollers, the radius/diameter is changed.

After each roll, the material is measured. If it is not on size, the distance between the rollers is adjusted and the material is rolled again. This is repeated, until the material is on size.

For each profile a set of three tools is needed with the negative form of the profile to minimize distortion. All material gets distorted in the rolling process. The thicker the material, the less distortion.

For a large radius, a thinner wall is sufficient. The smaller the radius, the thicker the wall of the material to minimise deformation.

Every rolling machine needs extra material. On each end of the material, there is a straight piece and an indentation. The length of the straight piece depends of the distance between the centre and the side roller of each machine.
Straight piece with indentation
Deformed Square Tube
Deformed Round Tube
These examples are extreme and exaggerated for better visualisation
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